Bard Heating and Cooling for the Classroom


Bard Manufacturing Company has been making classrooms comfortable with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems for over 40 years. The units are located on the exterior wall of the classroom, or free-standing inside the classroom and can be used for new, renovated or modular classrooms. Bard systems offer an ideal combination of flexibility, control, efficiency and value.

A properly conditioned classroom (comfortable year round with adequate fresh air, and humidity control) will result in lower absenteeism of students and faculty.

Bard systems offer the flexibility to condition each classroom individually. Districts can save significantly on energy expenses by conditioning the only the classrooms that are occupied, or heat the classrooms that are in the shade while simultaneously air conditioning the classrooms that are in the sun.

Additionally, Bard HVAC can easily satisfy mandated ventilation requirements with our patented integral ventilation systems.

Bard systems have been used in schools where there were concerns about mold. Bard HVAC systems can provide ventilation and dehumidification, which are two important factors for mold mitigation.

Bard's ventilation systems can utilize our CO2 sensor to cycle ventilation based on CO2 load rather than having the ventilation run continously......saving significant energy costs.

Bard has a network of distributors and contractors. Please contact Doerschner Sales for further information or a visit to discuss your classroom HVAC requirements or problems.

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New from Bard

Quiet Climate 2 Heat Pump
Interior sound level of Ultra Quiet
42 DB while operating in heating or air conditioning. Engineered for high efficiency in all parts of the US.
Ideal for Classrooms
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